Senatle Group (Pty) Ltd – Integrated Marketing & Advertising Company.


what you need to know

Brand Building

What is your brand, who and what do you stand for? What is the story do you want to tell? It’s imperative to have a focal point of what your brand is about. A strong brand that stands out, enables your business to catch the eye of your customers. Competing with big brands with devoted customers and big budgets should not be a deterrent. Yes, it is a process, however the consistent, on-going efforts that are aligned create the building blocks with your customers for long term loyalty and awareness in the marketplace.

Driving integrated, Customer-centric strategies

Do you have a competitive offering that your customer’s needs, but not getting enough traction? Understanding who your customer is and how they need to process your offering is key. A lot of companies give out information based on what they think should be said, about their products and services, versus the solution the customer requires. That is the difference between success and failure. We create an in-depth integrated approach of avoid this sink hole.

Maximizing Marketing efforts for success

There is definitely a science to marketing. It is not about a logo and adverts. Our strategic marketing solution may organize your marketing resources to better align to your strategic objectives. History has repetitively demonstrated that the marketing business direction should lie in the expertise of this discipline. All efforts should be congruent and deliberate.

Driving lead generation through the marketing strategy to keep ahead of the curve

Your potential customers need you to earn their attention vs buying it. Compelling content is vital to convert visitors into leads. We work to close the gap between traffic generation and lead generation phase. We use techniques to gain more information about your customer so that we have a targeted approach to communicating with them.