Tish Magongwa

“I believe that success comes from a clear vision and goal. Knowing what it is you want to achieve is the beginning of defining the outcome. You already created the brand, now you are capable of growing it exponentially. It takes consistency and dedication to keep it relevant and in the right line of sight of your customers. We are ready to take this journey with you, let’s do it together”.

Our approach of being a strategic business partner enables me to integrate into your business and be hands-on in driving sales enablement to achieve your business objectives, through holistic business solutions

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The Senatle Group model has a brand-new approach to bridging the gap between business and marketing by focusing on technology for measurable efficacy. We make your B2B or B2C communication roll-out lean and cost-effective, focused on accuracy of messaging to the right people in the most impactful way. Independent specialised units are activated on demand to deliver creative aligned precisely to the brand blueprint.

No ‘traffic’ congestion and time wasting, no brand messaging lost in translation between client you or us, no paying for dormant personnel who are not working for your business, no waste whatsoever! This is 21st century communication – pay only for what you need and get quantifiable ROI.

After a thriving career in marketing, the founder of SENATLE GROUP, Tish Magongwa embarked on a journey to assist companies to break through the clutter and successfully achieve their marketing objectives. My roles afforded me the opportunity to work with different stakeholders - executive teams, direct reports, franchise channels, consumers, multiple agencies etc. – that taught me the fundamentals of human relations and networking principles to build sustainable business relationships that are still at play today.