Senatle Group (Pty) Ltd – Integrated Marketing & Advertising Company.


Who We Are

At Senatle Group, we have over 16 years of experience in the marketing discipline. Having worked at large and small corporates, with multiple agencies – we identified an opportunity to focus on organizations that wanted to break out of the clutter in their space and take their business to next level. We work with you and give you  the tools to develop and maintain a competitive edge.

We are a 100% black owned company.


Tish magongwa

Founder & CEO

About Tish

After a thriving career in marketing, the founder of SENATLE GROUP, Tish Magongwa embarked on a journey to assist companies to break through the clutter and successfully achieve their marketing objectives.

“I believe that success comes from a clear vision and goal. Knowing what it is you want to achieve is the beginning of defining the outcome. You already created the brand, now you are capable of growing it exponentially. It takes consistency and dedication to keep it relevant and in the right line of sight of your customers.

We are ready to take this journey with you, let’s do it together”.